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“Thank you so much for the constant support that you have given me throughout the application process. I could not have achieved any without your help! I have received all my admission decisions by now, and I'm proud to inform you that I am admitted to RISD, Pratt, George Washington, BU, Fordham with a scholarship of 15k per year, and waitlist by BC. I'm extremely satisfied with the results.  Thank you!”                                                                         

                                                                   - J.Z.,  freshman, Boston College


“Your essay about your experience coaching a middle school basketball team is superior work.”                                                   - Acceptance letter to Josh B, American University.

“I got into Emerson, Ithaca, Sarah Lawrence, Bard, The New School and BU! Thank you so much for EVERYTHING, for being so patient and for helping me with whatever I needed with my supplements during the winter break. I owe it all to you!  Thank you so much again!”                                                   - E.A.,  freshman, Sarah Lawrence

“Your help was critical in this process. You were extremely helpful, professional, insightful and responsive. Thank you!”   

                                                                  - Joe V. (father of son attending MIT, also accepted                                                                        into Johns Hopkins and Notre Dame).

“Your support and guidance were greatly appreciated. I could not have achieved this without your help.”                     

                                                                 - F.W, freshman, UC Berkeley

“I was so stressed about writing my essay but you talked me through the prompts and helped me figure out what I wanted to write about.  Thank you so much for all your help!”  

                                                                - Lily M. , freshman, University of Virginia


Thank you so much for your help! Talking with you really inspired me to start writing and your editing and suggestions have been invaluable.  Having finished the essay, I feel so much more confident and excited about the whole application process.

                                                               - Catherine B., current high school senior

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